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Thank you for all your support and kindess! We have decided to convert our business into a local foodtruck vendor for all your special events and occasions. We greatly appreciate your continued patronization.


Why is it called "Grandma's Pizza?" The recipe we use today for our crust is based on a hundred-year-old recipe. The recipe was passed on to me from my great grandma. She used this recipe to make everything from piroshki to breads, and all kinds of pastries specifically for the Czar. Of course, she did not make pizza back then, but she amazed everybody with her baked goods.

If you haven't tried our crust yet, I swear you will not be disappointed. We would love to have you in. Call us today to experience our unique and delicious pizzas!

It's all about pizza dough

Now, living in America, I decided to mess around and change some of the ingredients.


After experimenting for quite some time, I created a recipe that I felt would make a perfect match for the pizza dough. This began the creation of Grandma’s Pizza.

My food serving career started with a concession business. I began serving pizza in fairs and in festivals and found much success.


After having many great customers, and hearing many wonderful compliments, I decided to open my first pizzeria in Chehalis, WA in 2011. I wanted a place that people could come and enjoy my pizza year round.

The history of Grandma's Pizza

Grandma's 100-year-old recipe makes for perfect pizza dough that can't be beaten.


Try our delicious crepes. A unique look with a unique taste!

- Love, Grandma's Pizza

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